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About Community Development

ncmpic7The main purpose of our Compassionate Ministries is to serve Africa, by promoting community development among marginal and poor urban and rural communities. We work with local community leaders developing actions and resources to respond to the neediest people in the community.

We seek to develop a compassionate lifestyle in every person with whom we work because we strongly believe that every person has the capacity to share something, no matter how poor that person is. We therefore encourage all our people to experience the blessing of giving.

We continue our mission to train leaders in every field, both at district and local level, to develop Compassionate Ministries as a lifestyle. NCM is dedicated to facilitating the practice of Christian compassion by responding to human needs and addressing the root causes of problems affecting the poor and powerless, especially women and children. Our mission is to build bridges for social and spiritual transformation, promoting self-sustainability by linking resources with needs.

We train leaders in the various communities to generate and mobilize local resources, using them to respond to the need of their own people. Through facilitating the process of training and empowering these community leaders to work together, they are thus using their own resources to build their communities. More than 5000 community leaders along 37 African countries have been trained and a large number of them are working in their communities, developing several projects, from agriculture, health and education to local initiatives for micro-entrepreneurship.

NCM-Africa - Compassionate Ministries has numerous projects and programmes all ready in place across the African continent. These include:

  • Digging and installation of boreholes and wells for clean and safe drinking water
  • Grinding Mills for Communities
  • Agricultural Training
  • Basic Community Healthcare and Distribution of First Aid Kits
  • Bicycles for Pastors
  • Micro-Businesses for Women
  • Building of Churches
  • Livestock for Needy Members of the Community
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Contact Us

Telephone Number: +27 11 472 3615
Fax Number: +27 11 472 2788
E-mail: ncm@africanazarene.org
Website: www.ncm-africa.org

Physical Address:

Nazarene Building
Cnr Ontdekkers and Botes Streets
Florida Park, 1724
Gauteng, Republic of South Africa

Postal Address:

PO Box 44
Florida, 1710
Republic of South Africa

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